Ezi Golfer Cart Club Rack
The World's Only Golf Cart Club Rack (Pat. App.)

It's what makes your game a pleasure. Proudly Australian designed and made.

Resort Owners and Managers

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Owners and Managers of Golf Resorts are forever striving to offer their guests a golfing holiday to remember. Guests and visitors are more likely to return to, and recommend a resort to friends and family after a memorable and enjoyable golfing experience. The EZi Golfer Club Rack can assist owners and managers to provide this experience.

Guests using the EZi Golfer to hold their clubs will find a game of golf more relaxing and enjoyable for many reasons.

  • Players do not need to remove and replace club head covers as they are not required.
  • Clubs are stored in the correct order and easily selected to play a shot, without needing to shuffle clubs around in a golf bag.
  • Clubs are removed and replaced in the EZi Golfer with an easy horizontal movement which requires little effort.
  • The putter is held within easy reach of the cart seat for each player, and quickly accessible upon reaching the green.
  • Other accessories such as spare balls, tees, club cleaning brush and extended ball retrieve are all laid out conveniently on the shelf.
  • There is no worry for players leaving clubs behind as missing clubs are immediately obvious upon returning to the cart.

The EZi Golfer Club Rack can also be fitted with an “EZi Club Lock” which securely holds the clubs in place when not in use, so guests can lock their clubs without worry for a 9th hole or other comfort break.

Resort owners can have golf carts completely fitted out with clubs and accessories and ready to go, all the player requires is the club lock key to quickly and conveniently begin their game. This can also provide major organisational benefits to owners and managers.

It’s easy to see that a Golf Resort using carts fitted with the EZi GolferClub Rack can offer visitors and guests a more comfortable and engaging golfing experience, and a desire to return for another holiday to relive the enjoyment with family and friends.

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