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Golf Course Managers

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One of the most important responsibilities of a Golf Course Manager is to ensure that golf club members progress through the course with minimal holdups and wasted time.

This expectation of players to minimise delays during play are growing. As an example, Jack Nicholas is promoting 12 hole competitions be played at Muirfield Village Golf Course, with penalties for players who don’t finish in three hours.

The EZi Golfer assists players to progress faster and more smoothly through the field, so a more enjoyable game is had from the player’s perspective, and a golf course manager experiences less hassles and is able to accommodate more players on any given day.

The EZi Golfer greatly benefits the Course Marshall by preventing the delays outlined below.

Sensible Arrangement of Clubs

Clubs are arranged in the correct sequence for easy identification and selection. Players no longer need to shuffle around clubs in a gold bag to find the desired club.

Speedy Club Selection

Golf clubs are held in a two shelf rack and are removed with a comfortable horizontal movement. Selecting and replacing golf clubs is a simpler and faster process with the EZi Golfer as opposed to golf bags.

No Need for Club Head Covers

Clubs held in the EZi Golfer are prevented from head clashing so head covers are not required. The player saves time spent on removing and replacing head covers, and there is no risk of holding up the field while left behind covers are retrieved.

No Lost Clubs

When two or more clubs are selected to play a shot, occasionally clubs may be overlooked and left on the grass when continuing the game. Missing clubs are immediately obvious upon returning to the cart, and there are no holdups for the field while players search for lost clubs.

Conventient Putter Location

Putters are held within arm’s reach of each player’s cart seat to allow a quick and easy removal and replacement from the player’s respective cart sides upon reaching the green.

Individually all of these benefits may seem small, but when combined and multiplied by a whole field of golfers, it’s easy to see that using the EZi Golfer can save considerable course time over an entire day, and provide a smoother, more enjoyable game.

When hire carts are pre-fitted with the EZi Golfer, it is a simple process for the player to drive the cart to the boot of their car and load the EZi Golfer with their own club selection and accessories, and again to unload upon the completion of their game. This leads to an increase in club revenue as cart hire increases.

The EZi Golfer is secured to the golf cart by 3 bolts and can be attached in a couple of minutes. Should a fluctuating demand in cart hire occur, spare EZi Golfer club racks could be in standby and quickly fitted upon demand.


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