Ezi Golfer Cart Club Rack
The World's Only Golf Cart Club Rack (Pat. App.)

It's what makes your game a pleasure. Proudly Australian designed and made.

All Golfers

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Golfers who own or hire a cart for playing will love the EZi Golfer.

The Club Rack carries the complete range of golf clubs, woods, irons, and hybrids vertically in a two shelf rack, similar to a pool cue rack. Other accessories carried on the shelves can include spare golf balls, tees, ball retriever, club cleaning brush, and a long handled putter if required. The putter is carried in a convenient location within arm’s reach behind the player’s seat.

Clubs can be arranged on the rack in any order desired by the player, however the suggested club arrangement is shown in the above photo.

The EZi Golfer saves you time for a round of golf, while making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Time savings for players come from:

  • not needing to repeatedly remove and refit club head covers
  • the ease of selecting from clubs which are arranged in order
  • the simple horizontal action to remove and replace clubs in the rack
  • very quick and comfortable access to the most used putter

Clubs located in the EZi Golfer allow players to feel comfortable with the certainty of club selection, whereby no penalty can be applied for carrying too many clubs. Clubs also cannot be accidentally left behind on the golf course as missing clubs are immediately apparent upon returning to the cart.

The EZi Golfer is also ideal for security in such situations as partaking in refreshments at the 19th hole, as a “club lock” fits the rack, preventing them from being removed. This lock can be quickly and easily fitted any time the cart is left attended.

There are only three bolts required to attach it securely, so fitting the EZi Golfer to a golf cart can be done in minutes. The private golf cart owner can also offer the passenger to instead play with a golf bag by simply removing one side of the EZi Golfer club rack, however most simply drive the cart to the friend’s car boot so the clubs can be quickly loaded in the EZi Golfer Club Rack.

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