Ezi Golfer Cart Club Rack
The World's Only Golf Cart Club Rack (Pat. App.)

It's what makes your game a pleasure. Proudly Australian designed and made.

About EZi Golfer

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The EZi Golfer Golf Cart Club Rack is set to revolutionise the gaming enjoyment, comfort and pleasure for golf players using a golf cart.

The EZi Golfer carries the complete range of golf clubs, woods, irons and hybrids in a rack providing simple removal and replacement during the game.

It's easy to see how the EZi Golfer Golf Cart Club Rack can make playing golf a pleasure.



Features and Benefits of the EZi Golfer

Sensible Arrangement of Clubs

Clubs are arranged in the correct sequence for easy identification and selection. Players no longer need to shuffle clubs around in a golf bag to find the desired club.

Comfortable Putter Location

Putters are held directly behind each player’s golf cart seat to allow easy removal and replacement from the player’s respective sides when reaching the green.

Fits Left and Right Handed Clubs

The EZi Golfer is designed for left and right-handed players.

Swift and Simple Club Selection

Golf clubs are held in a 2 shelf rack similar to pool cues in a pool cue rack and are easily removed with a comfortable horizontal movement.
The EZi Golfer cart club rack removes the effort taken from the long withdrawal of clubs from a golf bag.

No Need for Golf Club Head Covers

Head covers are not required with the EZi Golfer. This saves time wasted on head cover removal and replacement, and there is no risk of leaving covers behind, or holding up the field while lost covers are found.

No Lost Clubs

When two or more clubs are selected to play a shot, occasionally clubs may be overlooked and left on the grass when continuing the game. Missing clubs are immediately obvious upon returning to the cart, and there are no holdups for the field while players search for lost clubs.

No Penalty Under Rule 6.6

EZi Golfer assures that the player only carries the maximum amount of clubs permitted. As an example, in a letter to the magazine Inside Golf, December 2011 issue, M. David describes losing his Club Championship by carrying two extra clubs.

Holds Game Accessories

The EZi Golfer club rack has spaces for all the required accessories such as spare golf balls, tees, club brush cleaner, extension ball retriever, golfing umbrella, long handled putter and a utility bag on each side of the cart.

Club Handle Protectors

An EZi Golfer club handle protector is also available to protect golf club handles during wet weather.


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